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A Faithful Companions Prayer

Edelmarke GSP's - A Faithful Companion's Prayer
A Faithful Companion's Prayer
(Author Unknown -- revised by Steve Rafe)

Oh Father, thank you for the waters and fields, and for pleasures they
give us all. Please bless the men and women who protect and preserve
nature and wildlife in all its forms so that their children and their
children's children will have them to enjoy with their own dogs.

Dear God, You know that my master is my life, and how much I want to be able to
carry out his commands and fulfill his desires. Help him know that I always
give him all that I have, and that I will continue to try even harder the next

Please guide him and protect him from all thoughts or deeds which might be
harmful to me, to others, and even to himself. Help him come to fully
experience the love and trust I place in him every minute of every waking day
we have together. Let him know that all I ask in return is his patient

Please tell him I understand when he doesn't have as much time for me as I
would like to spend with him. And let him know I miss him when I am not with
him. Allow his eyes to see that my heart's beat is measured by the wag of my
tail, and encourage him to make it beat even stronger. Please let nothing ever
keep me from being excited and happy when I hear his voice. And make his voice
a gentle, kindly one -- for his sake as well as mine.

And when our days in the field together draw to an end, I ask that You allow us
to find joy in reflecting upon our fading memories of better days. And when my
life here is done, as it one day must be, I ask that You allow my master to
remain beside me, with his hand caressing my head as my eyelids close...

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