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CH Paladen's My Place, My Rules

Ch. TRF White River Howlin' At The Stars, CD, JH, BN, RN, RA "Ozzy" and CH. PALADEN'S THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME!, CGC "Ruby".

11/21/15  Montgomery KC  Ms. Susan Catlin - WD - 1 point
11/22/15  Cahaba KC  Ms. Gloria Geringer - WD - 1 point
12/5/15    MS Gulf Coast KC Mr. Jon Cole - WD/BOW - 2 point
1/16/16    Golden Triangle KC of MS Ms. Elizabeth Muthard - WB/BOW/BOS - 1 point
1/17/16    Golden Triangle KC of MS  Ms. Gloria Geringer - WB/BOW/Best of Breed - 4 point
1/23/16    Fort Bend KC Dr. Robert D. Smith - WD - 1 point
1/30/16    Alexandria KC Mr. Houston Clark - WD - 2 point

2/25/16    Greater Hattiesburg Ms. Keke Kahn - WD - 4 point NEW CHAMPION

GCH CH Trf White River Howlin' At The Stars CD BN RA JH DS CGC

SR618353/01 05-12 Liver & White Patched & Ticked OFA48E OFEL24 EYE68 AKC DNA #V617512 CERF Normal Cardiac Normal Cone Degeneration Genotypically normal Penn Hip LDI = .25, RDI = .27 OFA Hips Excellent Elbows Normal Patellas Normal Lupoid Dermatosis Normal Von Willenbrands Clear Dillute Factor Clear Red/Yellow Factor Clear

CH Shadywood's Howlin' Mad

SE505266 06-90 Liver & White Ticked

CH Ruann's Buckshot V Kingswood CD

SE237383 04-86 White & Liver OFA24

CH Weinland's Matinee Idol

SD274029 02-83 Liver & White Ticked OFA24

CH Jr's Miss Chocolate Chip

SD341742 03-85 Liver

CH Shadywood's Lady V Kingswood

SD842384 04-86 Liver & White Ticked OFA31

CH Weinland's Matinee Idol

SD274029 02-83 Liver & White Ticked OFA24

CH Kingswood's Buffy Of Geremy CD

SD149428 11-83 Liver & White Ticked OFA28

GCH CH Pengle TRF Starstruck JH

SR291927/02 07-10 Liver Roan Patched & Ticked OFA39E OFEL39 AKC DNA #V394629

CH White River's Ziggy Stardust JH

SN609131/02 11-03 White & Liver Patched & Ticked OFA32E OFEL32 AKC DNA #V184185 Hips OFA Excellent Elbows Normal OFA Cardiac Clear (Echo) CD Clear CERF Normal Lupoid Dermatosis Clear Thyroid Normal VWD Normal Dillute Factor - Clear (DD) Red/Yellow - EE

CH Huntabird's Riverside Reason JH

OFA24G AKC DNA #P18462

CH Rising Star's White River Debut JH

SN026033/01 04-99 Liver & White Ticked OFA37E AKC DNA #P18429

CH HH Ruann's Glitter-N-Glitz JH

SR020974/01 01-06 Liver & White Patched & Ticked OFA28G AKC DNA #V297878

CH Whitney's Lieb'lhof Lightning JH

SN409754/02 09-01 Liver & White Patched & Ticked OFA34E AKC DNA #V245914

CH Ruann's Tribute To H.H

SN492468/03 09-02 Liver Roan Ticked OFA38G AKC DNA #V301196

CH Paladen's There's No Place Like Home! CGC

SR579437/04 10-15 Liver & White Patched & Ticked OFA37E

GCH CH Olde Ridge Hey, That's The Way!

SR341135/04 09-08 White & Liver Patched & Ticked OFA24E AKC DNA #V459758 OFA Hips : excellent OFA Cardiac Clear CERF -CD Clear by parentage

CH Ehrenvogel Place Your Bets

SN913673/04 12-03 Liver Ticked OFA32G

CH Caijoy Foxtrot Tonight

SN386386/07 09-02 Liver & White Ticked OFA34E

Ch Ehrenvogel Grand Illusion

CH Olde Ridge On Second Thought V. Cheza

SR129608/03 12-05 Liver & White Patched & Ticked OFA29G

CH Reflection's Silver Cloud SH

SN473182/05 04-01 Liver & White Patched & Ticked AKC DNA #P18558

CH Cheza's I Imagine This Is It

SN535150/01 10-01 Liver & White Patched & Ticked OFA37G

Paladen's Secret Agenda

SR236680/01 04-09 Liver & White Patched & Ticked OFA33E AKC DNA #V460749

Paladen The Peacemaker

SN786921/01 05-05 Liver & White Patched & Ticked OFA33E AKC DNA #V460748

2x NSS BISS CH Prairiestar's Maverick

SN261645/01 02-99 Liver & White OFA24G AKC DNA #V36091

CH Paladen In The Nick Of Time CD JH

SN132893/06 02-01 Liver & White Patched & Ticked OFA47E

CH Paladen's Best Kept Secret


SN433099/05 02-02 Liver & White OFA28E OFA Hips #GSP-10810G26M-PI

OFA Cardiac #GSP-CA357/26M/P-PI

AKC DNA #V309531

Optigen Accession #05-3227

DNA certified Normal (Non-carrier for Cone Degeneration)

CH Paladen Time Traveler


SN132893/01 06-97 Liver & White OFA34G AKC DNA #V114674 OFA #GSP-6708G34M-T OFA #GSP-CA350/119M/P-PI CERF #GSP-657 7/1997

AKC DNA Profile #V114674

Cone Degeneration DNA Normal Optigen Accession #05-951

1995 National Specialty Show Best in Futurity & Supported Entry Winners Dog

1996 National Specialty Supported Entry Winners Dog/ Best BBE

CH Paladen Best Intentions JH

SM894492/04 02-95 Liver & White OFA37E